Media & Presentation Skills Training

With more than 30 years of experience, Jean Gonsoulin has built a reputation of excellence for her personalized training curriculums, intuitive approach and relatable style. She has worked with C-suite executives, subject matter experts and high profile individuals to hone their media interview skills and presentation delivery with outstanding results.

Corporate Communications

Our experience spans a wide range of industries but our corporate communications work focuses on those universal areas of a company or large enterprise where communications is critical: internal relations and staff engagement, customer engagement, market positioning, thought leadership, labor matters and crisis management.


Our experience in the insurance industry has been cultivated by working with well-regarded national brands, and having the opportunity to work with them on everything from developing differentiating message platforms to training their executives and program leads on presentation skills and for media interviews.

Real Estate

Our real estate experience spans commercial and residential, as well as associations and multiple listing services. We understand the space from buying and selling to the market trends that impact both ends of the spectrum. In addition, we have deep expertise in member organizations and driving – and strengthening – member relationships.

Crisis Preparedness & Issues Management

The depth and breadth of our experience with crisis for clients is nearly unmatched, thanks to 35 years of work in this area. We help clients build robust crisis communications plans, test their capabilities to respond through crisis drills, navigate sensitive and tough issues, and manage full-blown crises through the lifecycle of the event.

Water & Waste Management

We have worked with some of the largest companies in the business to manage issues that affect their markets, their community customers and the city officials with whom they partner. We have helped them with critical messaging, media relations and stakeholder outreach to improve their position and protect their reputation.

Cities & Municipalities

Navigating city governments and municipalities can be challenging, and in almost every instance, communications revolve around a highly charged issue that plays out in a very public forum. We work with clients to frame their position, develop a constituent strategy that builds third-party support, and anticipate the potential landmines.

Financial Services

We have worked extensively with banks and lending organizations, from regional to the industry’s biggest players on building strong customer engagement in a highly competitive landscape, and providing compelling communications strategies for market expansion.

Social Justice

Work in this space is more relevant and needed than ever, and we have worked with some of the top social justice organizations in the world on shaping and communicating their important messages to a global audience, and addressing the issues they face from activists – external and internal.


Our work with non-profit organizations spans a range of areas, from the arts and entertainment to health and wellness. Their communications needs are equally diverse but can include stakeholder engagement, crisis preparedness and leadership or organizational transformation.